The Team

Who is All Fired Up BBQ competition team you ask?

Organizations We Compete In


Myself (Don), my wife Trish and our buddy Pete ; 3 army veterans with office type day jobs who like to spend their spare time cooking up world class BBQ and competing against some of the best pitmasters out there. Making our debut in competitive BBQ in 2014 we go head-to-head with some of the best BBQ competition teams there are and try our luck at bringing home the trophy. The first couple years we did the armature competitions and won a lot. Thinking that wasn’t the challenge we were looking for in competitive BBQ we moved up to the pros and never looked back. Each year we are striving to refine our skills and hang with the big boys. We’ve had many calls and even got our first 180 in pork last year.

Along the way, we have invited a few of our friends to our competition Team/family and it has grown; Ray, Brock, Danny, Sheridan, they aren’t always with us but they help out when they can and where they can.

When we aren’t doing competitions we are doing catering events to support the team. This year we teamed up with Bass Pro and handed out a few thousand samples of our award-winning pork during their get outside event and even teamed up with Kingsford during the All-Star Week in DC. We live, breathe and best of all, eat BBQ! It’s our passion and for us, it’s not always about the call/win, it’s about the fun we have doing it!


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