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Looking for the best barbecue grill store in the Annapolis Maryland area? Look no farther! The Grill Center at Chesapeake Spas in Edgewater Maryland is your one stop shop for everything BBQ and grilling related. Quality smokers, grills, and accessories, including a large selection of competitive rubs and sauces for the Backyard BBQ enthusiast or the BBQ professional.

The Wagner family has owned the Mt. Airy institution since 1953, and the current owners have been running the store since the 1960s. The family added the popular retail store 29 years ago, but the large building on Main Street also houses facilities to process beef, lamb and pork stock, ensuring that everything sold by Wagner’s is fresh and produced in-house. We use Wagners meats for all our catering jobs and in competitions, its the meat we can trust to be fresh an excellent quality every time.

East Coast Smokinwood offers the best quality wood for adding delicious flavor to any meat! They take great pride in our organic products and offer fair prices on exceptional products! We use their cooking woods not only for our customers food but in every competition cook we do, they are a key part of our success. If we can trust their wood to help us win you can trust them to help make your next cook full of flavor.

Wassi’s began as a meat market and now has become a national brand name for rubs and sauces in over 70 retailers. Located in Melbourne, Florida, Wassi’s provides a unique combination of surf and turf flavors that will have you begging for more. Steak enthusiasts, backyard pitmasters, and seafood junkies will each find a rub & seasoning that they will love. Their loyal fans are known as the Wassi Posse. We at All Fired Up BBQ swear by Wassi’s seasoning, we use them competitively and for our customers. Give it a try it wont disappoint.


Like many good stories, this one unfolds over a bed of glowing embers, with a cold beer in hand. That was the setting in which my friend Aaron Franklin, the acclaimed brisket whisperer at Austin’s Franklin Barbecue, first told me about the grill from PK (Portable Kitchen), an Arkansas-based manufacturer with a cult following among the competitive barbecue circuit and backyard pitmasters. Perhaps more important, Aaron loved his, and he’s my mentor for all things cooked over fire. I’d just begun work on my latest cookbook, Any Night Grilling (Ten Speed Press, 2018), due out in March, and needed to upgrade my backyard set-up. See more at PKGrills.com

Professional Meat & Ambient Temperature Probe for precision temperature tracking. It keeps a watchful eye on your grill or smoker while you relax with your friends and family. We use these in our BBQ competitions and it helps us insure we are cooking our food “Spot On” so that we can produce award winning foods. You can purchase one of these from the The Grill Center, tell them Don sent you and get 5% off.